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Book an apartment for to see greek tragedy
In one of the most prestigious greek theaters in the world, Greek tragedies again will be staged this year.
At sunset, you can see the shows, by the immortal masters of classical literature.
You will relive the same emotions that other men, before you, have experienced in previous years.
This year the classical performances will start on May 17th. (CALENDAR)
They will go on stage
AGAMEMNON of Aeschylus from May 17th to July 5th
OEDIPUS KING of Sophocles from May 18th to July 3rd
IFIGENIA IN TAURIDE by Euripides from 17 June to 4 July
Coefore - Eumenidi 6 July
Orestea 8/9 July
Book your apartment in Ortigia's island
for your beautiful holiday in Siracusa
Isola di Ortigia
Il Rosone
isola di Ortigia
96100 Siracusa
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